DMD SOLOFRA SPA is a tanning company which produces high-quality ovine and caprine leathers designed for footwear, personal leather goods and clothing.

The company was established in 1920 by De Maio Michele Senior. Then its activity continued with De Maio Diodato and, later, with his sons Michele and Mario Fulvio, who instilled in their children Diodato and Dino a love for tanning.

Thanks to love, passion and commitment the company has constantly improved in product quality, respecting the environment at the same time.

Thanks to technological innovation, the company is able to combine the Know-How acquired over the years with a new “modus operandi”, becoming a new generation company which follows tradition.

DMD Solofra carefully selects raw materials through an accurate international research and makes sure its leather comes from food industry’s exceeding.

Row materials selection is performed through continuous quality controls by our research team in order to obtain an intact product for further processing.

This expanding company has multiple divisions, covering a total of about 10,000 sq. m. area.

DMD SOLOFRA SPA is aware that company’s goals are to be achieved by valuing human resources, working in harmony with customers and suppliers, respecting the environment as well as the cultural context.

The company has solid morals, which reflects their guiding values:

  • Respect for employees, shareholders, clients and supplier.
  • Continuous professional training of the staff.
  • Transparency in every communication between the company and its client and suppliers.
  • Goals sharing.
  • High-quality products and services.
  • Social commitment towards the population in need.

The company’s concern for the environment can be observed in their Quality and Environment policy and in the R&D investments for new technical solutions to be adopted in tanning and recycling activities.

DMS Solofra SPA performs research activities and embraces several initiatives, working with Conciaricerca Italia Srl, the technical and scientific side of the UNIC, the national tanning trade association.

Conciaricerca is the focus center for the development of research programs, both for individual tanneries and consortia.

DMD’s social commitment has improved thanks to the internationalization of the activities. The company is currently supporting projects in favour of developing countries.

Recently, the company’s has raised funds for building a well in Africa, through the project “Porta l’acqua” (Bring water), promoted by AMREF ITALIA.

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